IGEL - Category legislator as rss feed https://ancillarycopyright.eu/tags/legislator en Advocate General considers German ancillary copyright law invalid https://ancillarycopyright.eu/news/2018-12-20/advocate-general-considers-german-ancillary-copyright-law-invalid <p> The many years of discussion and numerous court proceedings concerning the German ancillary copyright law for press publishers are likely to come to an abrupt end shortly. In his opinion, the Advocate General at the European Court of Justice declared the relevant provisions inapplicable. <span class="read-more"><a href="/news/2018-12-20/advocate-general-considers-german-ancillary-copyright-law-invalid" title="Read the rest of Advocate General considers German ancillary copyright law invalid." rel="nofollow">Read more</a></span></p> European Court of Justice Gerard Hogan Germany Google legislator notification VG Media Creative Commons Thu, 20 Dec 2018 15:39:48 +0000 Tom Hirche 278 at https://ancillarycopyright.eu