IGEL - Category Tilburg University as rss feed https://ancillarycopyright.eu/stakeholders/tilburg-university en Leading European copyright scholars fundamentally criticise the ancillary copyright https://ancillarycopyright.eu/news/2017-02-23/leading-european-copyright-scholars-fundamentally-criticise-ancillary-copyright <p> As of today, a broad coalition of European copyright scholars wrote an <a href="http://www.create.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/OpenLetter_EU_Copyright_Reform_22_02_2017.pdf">open letter</a> to the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. It openly opposes Art. 11 (ancillary copyright) and 13 (mandatory content filtering). The letter’s first signatories consist of a number of the leading academic experts on copyright. They represent some of the most respected research centres in Europe that deal with copyright research from legal, economical and other perspectives.</p> <p> <span class="read-more"><a href="/news/2017-02-23/leading-european-copyright-scholars-fundamentally-criticise-ancillary-copyright" title="Read the rest of Leading European copyright scholars fundamentally criticise the ancillary copyright." rel="nofollow">Read more</a></span></p> CEIPI CIPIL Create Humboldt-Universität Berlin IViR Max-Planck-Institute Nexa SciencesPo Tilburg University ancillary copyright art. 11 art. 13 content filtering dsm directive open letter Creative Commons Thu, 23 Feb 2017 15:32:14 +0000 Till Kreutzer 222 at https://ancillarycopyright.eu