No link tax, says Ansip  23/11/2015 by Tom Hirche

David Meyer from POLITICO reports that the EU Commission does not plan on creating new legislation giving press publishers the right to claim licensing fees from news aggregators.

This is what Andrus Ansip, Vice President for the Digital Single Market on the European Commission, said at POLITICO’s Annual Data Summit. When interviewed, he said there would be no plans to “tax hyperlinking” or to introduce an ancillary copyright for press publishers on an EU level.

Although this is a clear statement, it is too soon to lean back. Ansip also said: “Today we don’t have enough information … It’s too early.” With that said, Ansip’s prediction is just another voice in the current cacophony and could change in the future. The Commission’s ongoing public consultation as well as lobbying publishers might alter his mind for the worse. We will keep our ears and eyes on this.

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