The companies, organizations, blogs and other institutions listed on this site are giving us their full support, meaning they join us in our opposition against an ancillary copyright for press publishers, endorse this initiative and stand by our side - be it organizationally, financially or ideally.

However, the supporters do not influence the content on this website. It was either created by the IGEL editorial team or published by a third person on another site expressly designated as such. Due to this allocation it might happen that some arguments - in general or specifically - do not correspond with a supporter's opinion.

Additional supporters, i.e. anyone wanting to speak out in favor of IGEL with their brand name or logo, are not only always very welcome, but also of great importance for the success of this initiative. In case you are interested in joining us, please write an e-mail to

In order to preserve the civil-societal origin of this initiative, please understand that we cannot accept political parties on our supporter's list. Still, we highly appreciate their feedback of any kind.